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breast cancer quilt

Susie's Quilt, blocks made for Sue Eslinger by MiniFest attendees in March, 1995. Assembled by Janet Wickell in March, 1995.

© Janet Wickell
From Janet: Two of my sisters, Donna and Sue, helped me organize and sponsor a quilting seminar that was held in western North Carolina for several years in the 1990's. Sue had breast cancer, and in 1995 she couldn't attend. She was getting ready to travel across the US to a clinic.

Some of the quilters had come to the seminar every year, even the first when we changed locations at the last minute after the "Blizzard of the Century" blew through. In 1995, women who knew Sue made blocks for her from paper piecing patterns that Donna and I printed for them.

I couldn't decide at first how to make the varied blocks all work together, but came up with this layout. I started it on the last day of the seminar and finished it a few days later so that we could send it to her at the clinic. She was moved by everyone's thoughts, some penned to her within blocks. Quilt blocks that came to me after I pieced the front are displayed on the back of the quilt.

Sadly, Sue lost her battle with breast cancer about a year later and the quilt came back to me.

If any of you have the quilted badges made for those seminars, you have Donna and Sue to thank for them. They spent hours and hours every year stitching a quilted theme badge for every attendee. We sure had a lot of fun at those events!

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