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Cancer Awareness Quilts and More


Although this gallery originally featured quilts made for breast cancer awareness, over time I began to receive photos of quilts made to increase awareness of many other diseases. As you browse the pictures, you will see quilts sewn in memory of a victim or survivor, along with quilts that were donated to raise money for a specific group or for research. I think you'll agree that all of the quilts in this gallery are inspirational.

Also included are pictures of comfort quilts sewn for friends and family members.

Show Us Your Quilts!

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quiltingFriends for a Cure QuiltBreast Cancer T-shirt QuiltBreast Cancer T-Shirt Quiltquilt, breast cancer quiltThey Are Only Boobs 'Til You Lose ThemquiltDetail, Debbie R's Quilt
Brown and Pink Comfort QuiltBrown and Pink Comfort Quiltpink ribbon quiltRibbons Galore Quiltbreast cancer quiltDebbie Rolek & Her Breast Cancer Challenge Quiltbreast cancer quiltBreast Cancer Quilt
breast cancer quiltBreast Cancer Quilt - DetailBreast Cancer QuiltsQuilting for the CureCancer Awareness QuiltQuilt for BarryCancer Awareness QuiltQuilt For Mom
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