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Beverly's Tildy's Cabin Quilt Variation


log cabin quilt

Beverly's version of Pitchers for Tildy's Cabin

Beverly I. Long
From Beverly: Janet, first seeing this quilt I really liked it, but I got impatient for the pattern. Then I saw the book on Amazon, bought it and made this quilt. I did tweak it a little to eliminate the triangles on the sides and corners. Mine is the lazy way, not on point. I also used the pitcher and bowl in silhouette and decided to leave it that way. Next will come the borders..I'm thinking about that! Hope you like my version of your cute quilt.

Note from Janet: I love Beverly's quilt! Take a look at the original pattern. Do you see other ways to alter its layout? Start looking at quilt patterns with an eye to how they can be changed and you'll discover lots of ways to tweak designs to suit your own tastes.

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