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Quilts on Display in Our Photo Galleries

Browse Pictures in the About Quilting Quilt Show


North Star Patriotic Quilt

North Star Quilt

Quilt by Barb P.
Take a look at the wonderful quilts on display in About Quilting's online quilt show. Thanks so much to everyone who has shared quilts with us for the show.

Art Quilts
Landscape quilts, pictorials and other types of art quilts.

Cancer Awareness Quilts
Quilts made to heighten awareness for cancer research and to remind us to check what needs to be checked.

Christmas Quilts
Quilts with a Christmas theme or stitched from traditional Christmas colors.

It's All About Squares Quilts
You guessed it -- there are squares everywhere in these lovely quilts.

Log Cabin Quilts and More
This quilt gallery is where you'll find log cabin, orange peel and related quilts.

Star Quilts
All kinds of wonderful star quilts to inspire you.

Scrap Quilts Photo Gallery
Scrap quilts are such fun to make! Take a look at the scrap quilts that have been submitted to our gallery.

Pictures of Rag Quilts
Scrap quilts are definitely varied, in layout and in the themes chosen by quilters.

Quilts for Kids
Baby quilts and quilts made for older children.

Quilts with a Circular Theme or Motion
These quilts are all different styles, but they each have a circular theme or motion.

Miniature Quilts Photo Gallery
Some of the miniature quilts in this photo gallery were made for quilt swaps in our Quilting Forum.

Sampler Quilt Photos
Find a variety of sampler quilts to inspire your next project, including quilts from our About.com Quilting sampler projects.

Pictures of Applique Quilts
You'll find lovely quilts in this applique quilt photo gallery.

Small & Miniature Quilts from the Book Quick Little Quilts
The book is out of print now, but I'm working to get all of the patterns on About Quilting. Here are some of the quilts.

Patriotic Quilts Gallery
From miniature to queen size, many of the quilts in the gallery honor family members who served in the military, but others were sewn to commemorate events or for the United States in general. So far, all of the quilts are for the U.S.A.

Themed, Novelty & Pictorial Quilts
The quilts in this photo gallery aren't related in appearance, but do have one thing in common--they each have a specific theme or convey a message. You'll find some art quilts here, too.

T-Shirt Quilts
Sewing a T-Shirt quilt is a lovely way to create a memory quilt for your son, daughter, or any special person in your life.

Attic Windows Quilts Gallery
You'll find a range of quilt sizes in the attic windows gallery.

Southwestern Themed Quilts
Quilts vary, but all have a southwestern theme. A few were made using my Through the Windows quilt pattern.

Mystery Quilt Photo Galleries

Show Us Your Quilts

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