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Pictures of Quilts

Our photo galleries are packed with pictures of quilts made by quilters from around the world
  1. Quilt Variations (3)

2013 New Year's Day Mystery Quilts Photo Gallery
Browse a gallery of photos to see how differently every quilter interpreted the 2013 New Year's Day mystery quilt pattern.

2013 Quilting Calendar
Download our free quilting calendar for 2013.

Quilts on Display in Our Photo Galleries
Use this list to find links to the quilt photo galleries on About.com Quilting.

2012 New Year's Day Mystery Quilts
Pictures of mystery quilts made using the New Year's Day mystery quilt pattern.

Photo Gallery: 2011 New Year's Day Mystery Quilts
Pictures of some of the quilts made by quilters who joined-in to make a mystery quilt on New Year's Day, 2011.

Hearts & Flowers Quilts
Pictures of quilts with either a hearts theme or a floral theme (or both).

Block Lotto Show and Tell Quilts
Our Quilting Forum is a busy place where many members participate in block swaps and other fun events. Here's a quilt gallery that

Your First Quilt
Do you love your first quilt or is it something you've tucked away in a dark closet? Show us your first quilt and tell us what you learned when you made it.

What a Mom Is For Quilt
Mary Ruth Kolk's quilt, What a Mom Is For, illustrates a perfect way to preserve memories from childhood (or a single event).

Ugly Quilts Photo Gallery
I think every quilter has at least one quilt tucked away because it's been labeled "ugly." How about showing them to us -- the "mistake" quilts are nearly always better learning tools than projects that are perfect.

2009 New Year's Day Mystery Quilt Photo Gallery
Spoiler alert: you might want to avoid this quilt gallery if you plan to make my 2009 New Year's Day Mystery quilt as a true mystery, but do take a look if you would like to see how other members of the About.com Quilting community interpreted the mystery quilt pattern.

Attic Windows Quilts
Pictures of Attic Windows quilts

Arizona Quilt Challenge
Pictures of Arizona or southwestern themed quilts from the Arizona Quilt Challenge.

Patriotic Quilts Photo Gallery
All of the patriotic quilts in this gallery were made by members of the online quilting community.

Show Us Your Quilts!
I hope you'll share your quilts with our readers. Use this link to do it.

Scrap Quilts Photo Gallery

Sampler Quilt Photo Gallery

Rag Quilts Photo Gallery
View a wide variety of rag quilts in our rag quilts gallery.

Pictures of Star Quilts
Maybe one of these star quilts will offer inspiration for your next quilting project.

Themed, Novelty and Pictorial Quilts
You'll love the quilts in this gallery -- they all have a theme or were designed to convey a message.

Awareness and Comfort Quilts Gallery
Awareness and comfort quilts made for friends, family and for auctions that benefit research.

Pictures of One Patch Quilts

Pictures of Appliqué Quilts

Alzheimer's Quilts Photo Gallery
Pictures of quilts made to raise awareness of Alzheimer's and for Alzheimer's research.

Landscape Quilts Photo Gallery
Landscape quilts, all made by online quilters, and all gorgeous. Take a peek at the landscape quilts in our gallery.

Photos to Use for Landscape Quilt Inspiration
Use the photos in this gallery as inspiration for landscape quilts. You'll find waterfalls, mountains and more.

Literature as Quilts Challenge
Our quilting forum members created a quilt based on a favorite piece of literature. Take a look at their designs.

Log Cabin Quilts, Pineapple & More
The quilts in this gallery are all log cabins and related designs, such as pineapple quilts.

Miniature Quilts Photo Gallery
The miniature quilts in our photo gallery may help inspire your next mini quilting project.

Pictures from the About.com Guide to Quilting
Pictures of projects found in the book, 'About.com Guide to Quilting.'

Quilts with a Circular Theme or Motion

Quilts with Squares & Rectangles

Photos and Patterns from the Book 'Quick Little Quilts'
'Quick Little Quilts' is out of print, but you'll find most of the patterns right here at About.com Quilting.

T-Shirt Quilts Photo Gallery
You'll find plenty of inspiration in this photo gallery of T Shirt quilts.

Christmas Quilts Photo Gallery
Pictures of Christmas quilts made by members of the online quilting community.

Quilt Photo Galleries, Quizzes and More
View hundreds of pictures of quilts in our Quilting Photo Galleries, all submitted by members of the online quilting community. You'll also find lots of quilting quizzes and helpful quilting videos.

Gloria Hansen Quilt Gallery
A gallery of quilts designed and constructed by Gloria Hansen. Gloria is an award winning quiltmaker who hand dyes nearly all of the fabrics used in her quilts.

Memory Quilts
Pictures of memory quilts, all made by members of the online quilting community.

Princess Charlene's Wedding Dress
A close look at Princess Charlene of Monaco's wedding dress.

Show Us Your Quilt Blocks
Use this form to submit photos of quilt blocks made from patterns you found on About.com Quilting.See submissions

2012 Quilting Calendar
Download pages from our 2012 Quilting Calender, featuring projects made by online quilters.

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