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Miniature Quilt Patterns: Amish Double Nine-Patch Quilt


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About the Amish Double Nine-Patch Mini Quilt
Amish Miniature Quilt Patterns

Amish Style Miniature Double Nine-Patch Quilt

© Janet Wickell

Sew an Amish Miniature Quilt

Use my miniature quilt pattern to create a miniature quilt in the Amish style.

Traditional Amish quilts were nearly always sewn with solid color fabrics, although colors used differed by location, becaise each Amish community's textile color choices varied. Quilts were sewn from the same fabrics used for clothes, linens and other cloth items.

We often associate the color black with Amish quilts, but black wasn't always included. It does make a striking backdrop when combined with other colors, but is not a must for your Amish quilt.

Amish women sometimes sprinkled a few very light colors within their patchwork to create sparkle. They also combined fabrics in ways that, at the time, might have been regarded as unconventional, pairing colors that didn't "match."

Feel free to include colors that were seldom seen in Amish quilts, such as hot reds and pinks (although some communities were more open to warm and jewel-toned colors).

Finished Miniature Quilt: About 25-1/2" square

Quilting an Amish Quilt

Amish patchwork might have been simple, but quilting motifs were often intricate, with plenty of circles and curves added to soften an angular background.

About Double Nine-Patch Quilts

A basic nine-patch quilt block has nine main grids, three across and three down. In a double nine-patch block, five of the plain units are replaced by smaller nine-patch blocks -- at the corners and center, forming an "X." Plain squares are sewn in the four remaining slots.

The double nine patch blocks in this miniature quilt finish at 4-1/2" square; the smaller nine patches within the blocks finish at 1-1/2" square.

To establish the quilt layout, miniature double nine patch blocks are sewn on-point and surrounded by setting triangles and two borders.

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