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Assemble the Applique Chicken Quilt Block
Miniature Chicken Quilt Pattern

Miniature chicken quilt block shown with outline of body to help you assemble the templates for cutting.

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To Make the Chicken Quilt Block

Download the templates:

There are only three pieces of fabric to cut, but the chicken's body is too large to print on an 8-1/2" x 11" pieces of paper.

  • Print each of the three template pages at 100% (do not allow printer to scale the images up or down).

  • The "A" and "B" designations on the chicken body templates are not patch numbers -- they indicate where to connect the templates to create an entire body (right illustration). Connect those lines to create a single template.

  • Create templates from the two remaining pieces.

    If you're making one block for the small quilt shown, you should be fine with the printer paper. If making more, transferring the shapes to a rigid file folder, card stock or template material would be best.

Remember that applique shapes do not include seam allowances. When printed, the templates are right-side-up -- take that into consideration when cutting patches for the applique method you've chosen.

  1. Fold the background square in half crosswise, lengthwise and along both diagonals to determine its center point and to create lines that will help position the patches. This step is not as important for a block with just a few pieces, like our chicken, but may help you center the shapes more accurately.

  2. Remaining steps may vary depending on the applique method you use, but for most the chicken's body should be appliqued to the background first, followed by the heart and the comb.

  3. When applique is complete, press the block lightly. Trim the block to measure 14-1/2" x 14-1/2"

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