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How to Sew a Quarter Inch Seam Allowance for Quilts


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Sewing Quarter Inch Seams
how to sew a quarter inch seam allowance

Get your sewing machine ready and gather the fabric strips and other materials you'll need to test your seam allowance.

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What is a Seam Allowance?

A seam allowance begins at the seam you sew to connect two (or more) pieces of fabric or other material, and ends a short distance away at the raw edges of the pieces you are sewing.

Quilters use a quarter inch seam allowance to join most quilt blocks and other quilting components. Exceptions include paper pieced quilts and sewing a narrower or wider seam when you add binding to a quilt with borders.

Why is it Important to Sew an Accurate Quarter Inch Seam Allowance?

Sewing an accurate quarter inch seam allowance is essential. If seam allowances are off, patchwork pieces will not match-up with each other properly when it's time to sew components together.

You might not notice a seam allowance that isn't quite right when you sew together batches of same-sized squares to make a quilt. If the seams are all the same width, patches will still align correctly. Incorrect seams become a problem when sewing together units with different numbers of seams within their boundaries.

How to Test Your Quarter Inch Seam Allowance

Let's set up the sewing machine to sew an exact quarter inch seam, the standard seam allowance used for quilts. Once you've mastered a quarter inch seam, your blocks will have units with sharp points and crisp corners, and they'll fit together perfectly when it's time to assemble the block or quilt.

Some patterns will tell you to sew a 'scant quarter inch seam allowance.' When you see the term used, make the seam allowance about a pencil-line's width narrower than 1/4" (a scant seam is sometimes necessary for patches to fit together just right, see page 5).

Brush up on your rotary cutting skills and learn important pressing techniques before you begin.

Materials Required to Test a Seam Allowance

  • Rotary cutter, mat and long rotary ruler
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine with a quarter-inch presser foot; use the standard foot if you do not have a quarter-inch foot
  • 2 light fabric strips, each 2" x 4"
  • 1 dark fabric strip, 2" x 4"

Have extra fabric nearby in case you need more test strips.

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