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Heart Quilt Patterns for Valentine's Day and Beyond

Heart Quilt Patterns


Heart themed quilt and quilt block patterns are perfect for Valentine's Day, or any other time of year when you'd like to give a friend of family member some hugs. Your hearts project needn't be large... make a small wallhanging or use a few blocks to sew a throw pillow cover.

1. Double Hearts Quilt Block Pattern

Double Hearts Quilt Block Pattern
Janet Wickell

Two simple patchwork units are used to sew this hearts quilt block -- squares and half square triangle units. The exterior of my heart is framed in red, and scrappy floral fabrics fill-in its interior. Neutral fabrics provide the backdrop for the heart.Change the fabrics to suit your style.

2. This Little Chick Has Heart

Miniature Chicken Quilt Pattern
Janet Wickell

This little quilt finishes at 24" square and is sewn with a combination of easy patchwork and applique. The shapes used for the chicken are fairly gentle, so even beginning quilters should feel comfortable using needleturn applique to sew the critter to its background. But use any technique you prefer, including fusible web that requires no stitches to hold edges in place. I think the patches would look wonderful surrounded by blanket stitches.

3. Heart in a Snowball Block

Janet Wickell
You'll love this bright red heart that's centered on a white-on-white Snowball with deep purple tips. Practice your applique skills by sewing a batch of these 6" square quilt blocks (finished size). How about a row or two of quilt blocks sewn to make a table runner? Get creative and stitch any project you can imagine.

4. Hearts 'n Rags Quilt Pattern

rag quilt patterns
© Janet Wickell

Like nearly all rag quilts, this design with ragged hearts in some of the blocks is very easy to sew. My floral quilt's patches blend into each other, because I wanted something with little contrast for a specific room. Yours can be very different... the design is perfect for bright fabrics.

5. Here's My Heart Quilt

Janet Wickell
Here's My Heart is a 64" x 84" quilt that's a combination of patchwork and appliqué. Snowball quilt blocks are adorned with Sunbonnet Sue and Overalls Sam -- two traditional characters that quilters seem to either love or hate. The appliqué blocks are separated by "chain-type" patchwork that help create diagonal flow across the surface of the quilt.

6. Scrappy Patchwork Hearts Block & Quilt

Heart Blocks by Kate N.
Each side of this pretty heart quilt block is pieced separately, and then two mirror image sides are joined vertically to complete the block. The pattern (from the February, 2008 Beginner Block Lotto) includes instructions for individual blocks and for a small wallhanging.

7. Floral Applique Wallhanging

Janet Wickell
You can construct this 24" square quilt quickly using (one version of) the fusible web technique. The quilt pattern might come in handy the next time you need to make a quick quilt for yourself or someone else, and it can also be used as a colorful throw pillow cover. If you're not into fusible web, use your favorite technique to appliqué patches to the background.

8. Hearts Bouquet Quilt Pattern

Bouquet of Hearts Quilt Pattern
Image © Janet Wickell, Licensed to About.com

Another small quilt made using a combination of patchwork and applique. The quilt finishes at about 17-1/2" square and can be sewn to suit any theme. Gentle lines make the applique a breeze.

9. X's and O's Quilt Patterns

X's and O's Quilt with Sashing
Janet Wickell

I've written two different patterns for X's and O's quilt. In other words, Hugs and Kisses, the perfect sentiment for Valentine's Day and beyond. The version shown here includes sashing and cornerstones to separate blocks that are sewn in two different configurations. All blocks are made from the same patchwork -- they're just assembled a bit differently. Two quilt sizes are included in the pattern, a baby/toddler quilt and a larger quilt.

My other X's and O's quilt is made with blocks that are all sewn in the X configuration, but when placed side-by-side the O's appear as somewhat more subtle images. I wrote the pattern with options for 'skinny' X's or 'fat' X's. Take a look... Scrappy X's and O's quilt pattern.

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