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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Folded Fabric Stars


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Pin the Medium Fabric Units to the Styrofoam Ball
Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Pin four units tip-to-tip to create the ornament's first layer.

© Janet Wickell

Pin Folded Fabrics to the Ornament

  1. Gather the medium folded units.

  2. Place the first unit on the ball, aligning its bottom (straight) edge with one side of a medium square that's pinned to the ball (upper left photo).

  3. Pin the unit to the ball at its pointed tip and at its outermost angled edges. Use two more pins along the straight edge, placing them through the "flaps" where the folded edges meet along raw edges. Try not to stretch the fabrics.

    Pins along the unit's straight edges will be covered later. Pins at the pointed tip will not. You can usually hide the head of the pin in by pushing it deeper into the ball.

  4. Position a second folded unit on the ball, its point aimed directly at the point of the first -- the opening created by inner folded edges should form a straight line (upper right photo). Pin to the ball at the same five spots.

  5. Now use two more folded units to fill in the gaps between the first two, pinning them to the ball in the same way (lower photo).

  6. Repeat on the opposite side of the ball.

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