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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Folded Fabric Stars


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Prepare the 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" Fabric Squares
Folded Fabric Star Christmas Ornament

Fold the squares and prepare the Styrofoam ball.

Janet Wickell

Fold Fabrics for Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Set aside (2) of the medium squares.

  1. Fold all remaining squares in half one time, wrong sides together to create a rectangle. Press (upper left photo).

  2. Beginning at the folded edge, fold half of a rectangle down and align its raw edges with the raw edges along the original fold, creating a 45-degree angle along that side of the fabric (upper right photo).

  3. Repeat to create a fold on the opposite side. Press.

    Even though you've pressed the fabric, its angled edges will pop back up. Don't worry, because the fold has been established, making it easier to work with the unit later.

  4. Repeat with all squares except the (2) medium squares you set aside earlier.

  5. Center one of the unpressed medium squares right side up on one side of a 3" ball. Pin to the ball at all four corners. Try not to stretch the edges of the square. (bottom left photo)

  6. Pin the remaining unfolded medium square to the opposite side of the ball. Space the squares evenly. Look at their corners. Are they adjacent to each other, with about the same space between them? (bottom right photo)

    The two squares serve a couple of purposes. They cover the Styrofoam at the starting point, camouflaging slight gaps between the first pieces pinned to the ball. They also make it easier to position the first layer of star tips.

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