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Sew Oak Leaf Quilt Blocks for the Christmas Quilt
Oak Leaf and Reel Quilt Block Pattern

Oak Leaf and Reel Quilt Block Pattern

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Fabrics for the Oak Leaf and Reel Quilt Blocks

Background: (5) 14" x 14" squares (1 yard)

Red: 3/4 yard (or enough scraps to cut 'leaves' from (20) pieces that are about 5" x 6"

Green: 1/3 yard should be plenty

Gold: 1/4 yard should be plenty, maybe a bit more if you'd prefer to make yo yos for block centers

Sew the Oak Leaf and Reel Quilt Blocks

Choose any appliqué method to sew the 12" Oak Leaf and Reel quilt blocks. Download the block templates here and remember that appliqué templates do not include seam allowances. Create rigid templates or templates from another material, such as freezer paper.

Your background fabric should be about 14" x 14" square. Trim the square back to 12-1/2" x 12-1/2" after all pieces are appliquéd, taking care to center the motif.

The Oak Leaf and Reel quilt block finishes at 12" x 12", so it isn't possible to include a schematic of the entire layout, but you can download a diagram of 1/4 of the block to use as a guide. The layout is pretty simple, so you might not even need the schematic.

The green 'stems' are fairly narrow, and the 'buds' at their ends have sharp points. If you like, make those edges a bit more softly curved for easier appliqué.

Overlap is easy for this appliqué quilt block. Position the leaves and stems first, and then allow the circles to stretch across their bases as illustrated in this drawing. Make five Oak Leaf and Reel quilt blocks.

Instructions for a Few Types of Applique

Take a look at the Oak Leaf and Reel quilt created by members of the Empire Quilters, a project for the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum.

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