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Christmas Row Quilt Pattern


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About the Christmas Row Quilt Pattern
Christmas Row Quilt Pattern

Christmas Row Quilt Pattern

© Janet Wickell
Let's work on this Christmas Row Quilt pattern in stages... not long, drawn out stages, but over the next four weeks.

We can categorize the Christmas quilt as a strippy quilt, too, because it's made with six horizontal rows of quilt blocks that are separated by continuous sashing. Some of the sashing is pieced (simple squares) and some sashing is created from long strips of fabric.

The outer border is made up of fabrics leftover from this (or other) quilting projects. Replace the patchwork border with one or more solid borders if you prefer.

Finished Quilt Block Sizes

  • Top and bottom rows: five 12" x 12" blocks
  • Second and fifth rows: ten 6" x 6" blocks
  • Two middle rows: six 10" x 10" blocks

Finished Quilt Size: About 68-1/2" x 82-1/2" (includes a 1/4" binding on all sides)

Designing Your Christmas Row Quilt

Your quilt can be much scrappier than mine -- sew a quilt that suits your style. The 6" quilt blocks in rows 2 and 5 are patchwork designs, and the others are applique blocks. To reduce the amount of applique, replace blocks in those areas with any design that finishes at 12" or 10" square, depending on placement. A few possibilities include:

Background Fabrics for Applique

Rows 1, 4 and 6 use the same background fabric, and it's a bit busier than the print used in other rows. Choose backgrounds to suit your theme.

I've listed applique background fabric requirements below, to make it easier for anyone who would like to use a different background in each row (cutting is repeated on pattern pages).

For applique, remember that backgrounds are cut somewhat larger than necessary, and then trimmed-back after the applique is complete.

Row 1, (5) 14" x 14" squares (1 yard)

Row 3, (6) 12" x 12" squares (3/4 yard -- you'll have extras left for the patchwork rows)

Row 5, (5) 14" x 14" squares (1 yard)

Other Quilting Fabrics

If your Christmas theme includes lots of red, try to use at least a couple of different red fabrics to make the quilt a bit more interesting. Do the same with green fabrics -- choose three or more.

See each page for fabrics required for blocks in each row.

Because this quilt can be very scrappy, yardage suggestions are for individual groups of blocks. If you choose to repeat fabrics, combined yardages may be less, especially for backgrounds.

Setting Components

To use scraps, cut setting components after everything else has been assembled.

  • (150) 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" squares
  • (4) 2-1/2" x 60-1/2" strips (single strips cut on the straight grain or pieced from crosswise grain strips -- learn about fabric grain)
  • Strips for borders can be the same or varying lengths; mine are 4-1/2" wide.

Other Materials

Backing: 2-5/8 yards or a panel about 78" x 92" (How to Make Quilt Backing)

Batting: Same as backing

Binding: about 325 running inches of continuous binding to finish at 1/4" (or wider, your choice if a non-block border is used - (How to Make Binding Strips)

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