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How to Make Folded Fat Quarter Stars


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Start Folding Your Fat Quarter Stars
Fat Quarter Stars

Fold fat quarter in half twice, then fold down a corner.

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Before we begin, what's a fat quarter?

Quilters love fat quarters, one-fourth yard cuts of fabric that measure about 18" x 22". They are created by dividing a yard of fabric into four large rectangles instead of cutting it into typical 9" x 44" quarter-yard cuts across the fabric's crosswise grain.

A narrow standard cut is good for strip piecing, but a fat quarter makes it possible to cut out patchwork pieces that are larger than a standard 9" wide cut would allow.

Fat quarters are always excellent gift choices for quilters who are on your shopping list. You might have heard your quilter repeat some of our quilting lingo, like: batiks, 1920's fabrics, Civil War prints, florals--terms like that are good clues to preferences, so use them as a starting point when you search for fabrics. If you're not sure about fabric types, find pieces in their favorite colors or surprise them with something beyond their comfort zone by including prints and colors they might not choose for themselves.

How to Make a Fat Quarter Star

Once you have the fat quarters it's easy to fold them into decorative triangles that can be stacked together to create pretty, star-like bundles.

  1. Fold a fat quarter along its longest edge with wrong sides of the fabric together. Fold again, but keep the matched raw edges of the fat quarter just slightly inward from the first folded edge.

  2. Turn down the left corner of the column, making a point in the column's upper right corner. Fold it down approximately midway across the column as shown in the photograph above, don't bring the raw edge over to meet the opposite side of the column.

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