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Through the Window, a Paper Pieced Quilt Pattern


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Through the Window Paper Pieced Quilt Pattern

Janet Wickell
The paper pieced quilt block used in this quilt was inspired by a carpet I saw in Arizona. The quilt mock-up is done in all solids, but look at the carpet -- the setting triangles to the sides of "blocks" resemble a border print. If you love border prints, choose a design you love and design the rest of the quilt around its colors.

Finished Block Size: 6" x 6"

Quilt Size: about 37-1/2" x 42"

We cut most setting triangles from squares, but you'll need to use a different cutting method if you opt for border print triangles (and you'll want to make sure that your print's stripe width works with the block).

Border Print Template

  1. Cut a square of paper (or cardboard or clear template plastic) that's just slightly over 6-7/8" x 6-7/8" (about halfway between 6-7/8" and 7" on the ruler).

  2. Cut the square in half once diagonally to create two triangular templates.

Lay one template against a border print stripe to compare its stripe width with the required triangle width -- the long edge of the triangle runs parallel to the stripe. Do not cut triangles yet.

Fabrics and Materials

Change colors as desired. Yardages are generous.

Black tone on tone for outer border, inner vertical sashing, strippy column corner squares and squares in blocks. 1 yard

Rust print for blocks. 1/4 yard

Green print for blocks. 1/8 yard

Ivory print for blocks. 1/8 yard

Beige print for setting triangles if not using border print. 3/4 yard

Optional border print for setting triangles. You'll cut 18 triangles to match the paper template (about 180 running inches when it's placed on the vertical). Yardage will vary depending on how often the stripe is repeated across the fabric. Allow extra yardage for cutting 18 identical triangles. Do not cut yet.

Backing: about 1-3/8 yards (How to Make Quilt Backing

Batting: about 45" x 49"

Binding: about 180" running inches of doublefold binding

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