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String Quilt Pictures

String Quilts Photo Gallery


String quilts are assembled by sewing fabric strips to a foundation. It's pretty much a freehand foundation piecing technique, and you can configure the strips in any way you like.

Take a look at pictures of string quilts and crumb quilts made by members of the online quilting community.

Learn to Make a String Quilt

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String QuiltsString Pieced Wedding QuiltString QuiltsString QuiltString QuiltsScrappy String QuiltString QuiltsAutumn String Quilt
String QuiltsSognando il SerengetiString QuiltsBlack & White String QuiltScrap QuiltsSashing As You Go String QuiltDarlene's String QuiltDarlene's String Quilt
string quiltRain on my Windowpane String QuiltString QuiltStrip Mining String QuiltString QuiltWedding Diamond String QuiltString QuiltPeach String Quilt
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