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Paper Pieced Quilt Patterns

Paper piecing (it's technical name is foundation piecing) is a popular quiltmaking technique. Paper pieced quilts are made by sewing pieces of fabric onto a foundation, but not always paper. Think of the paper as a temporary backing that's pulled away -- its drawn lines show you exactly where to stitch. Foundation pieced quilts can also be made by sewing onto permanent foundations, such as pieces of muslin or a thinner cloth. Those foundations remain in place after patches are sewn.
  1. Dollhouse Quilts (3)
  2. Crazy Quilts (3)
  3. English Paper Piecing (3)
  4. String Quilts (4)

Paper Piecing Basics
Paper piecing is simple, and once you've made one paper pieced quilt you'll know how to assemble them all.

Through the Window Paper Pieced Quilt Pattern
Through the Windows is a strippy set foundation (paper) pieced quilt pattern made to resemble panes of a stained glass window.

Paper Piecing a Log Cabin Block
Tweak your paper piecing skills by making this easy paper pieced Log Cabin quilt block.

Pitchers for Tildy's Cabin Quilt
Stitch a wallhanging made with paper pieced Courthouse Steps quilt blocks and blocks with applique pitchers and bowls.

Miniature Oddfellows Star Quilt Pattern
I've had more requests for this miniature quilt pattern than for all of the others in the Quick Little Quilts gallery. It's time consuming -- but not difficult to make.

Paper Pieced Miniature Whirlwinds Quilt
This 21" square miniature quilt is made from 3" paper pieced Whirlwind quilt blocks.

Pineapple Quilt Pattern
Make a foundation pieced pineapple quilt using quilt blocks that finish at 9" square.

Paper Pieced Christmas Wreath Quilt Pattern
Make a log cabin quilt that resembles a series of Christmas wreaths.

Paper Pieced Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern
Here's a paper pieced Christmas Tree quilt that finishes at 22-1/2" square.

Paper Piecing Tips
Paper piecing tips to help you make foundation pieced quilts and quilt blocks.

Pictures of String Quilts
String quilts are assembled by sewing fabric strips to a foundation -- it's a freehand foundation paper piecing technique. Take a look at pictures of string pieced quilts made by members of the online quilting community.

Free Quilt Pattern Gallery Index
Find lots of free quilt patterns in this thumbnail index that gives you a preview of each project.

Free Pattern from Gloria Hansen
Here's a free foundation pieced pattern from award winning quilter Gloria Hansen. While you're on her Web site, don't miss a look at the quilts in her gallery if you want some true inspiration for your foundation pieced quilts.

Print to Fabric Resources
Bubble Jet Set and freezer paper made especially for textile artists. Print permanent images to fabric.

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