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How to Finish a Quilt

You'll discover there are many ways to finish a quilt. Let's talk about a few of the most common (and important) methods.
  1. Quilting Glossary
  2. Quilting the Quilt (27)
  3. Binding a Quilt (3)
  4. Tie the Quilt (3)
  5. Assemble the Quilt Sandwich (7)

Learn How to Make Quilt Backing
Use these instructions to make backing for your quilts.

Make the Quilt Sandwich
Use these tips when it's time to make the quilt sandwich.

Pin Baste a Quilt for Machine Quilting
Learn how to use safety pins to baste a quilt sandwich.

How to Make a Quilt Hanging Sleeve
Use one of my easy methods to sew a hanging sleeve to the back of any quilt.

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