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Learn to Paint, Dye and Marble Fabrics

Learn how to paint and dye your quilting fabrics, including a technique you can use to create hand marbled designs.

How to Marble Fabric
Making your own unique marbled fabrics is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your quilting projects. We'll show you how.

Fabric Marbling Photo Gallery
This hand marbling photo gallery shows you how to make marbled fabrics to use in your quilts or for any other sewing project. Take a step by step look at the marbling process.

Best Fabric Painting Books
About.com's Painting Guide reveals her favorite fabric painting books. Some are geared specifically to quilters.

Cross Stitch the Hour Glass Block
Connie G. Thomas has converted the traditional Hour Glass block into a cross stitch pattern.

10 Tips for Fabric Painting
Our Painting Guide has some excellent advice for anyone who wants to paint on fabric.

Fabric Stamping
About's Painting Guide explains how to use stamps and paints to create unique fabrics.

Paula Burch's How to Hand Dye
Details about using Procion dyes on your fabrics and garments.

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