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Method 1, Sew a Hanging Sleeve After the Quilt is Bound
How to Sew a Hanging Sleeve to a Quilt

Learn how to sew a hanging sleeve to your quilt.

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Sewing a sleeve on the back of your quilt makes it easy to hang the quilt for display at home or in a quilt show. The quilt sleeve can be permanent or temporary and it can be sewn on after or at the same time you apply binding.

Sew on a Sleeve After Binding the Quilt

  1. Cut or piece together fabric to make a strip 9" tall and the same width as the quilt.

  2. Fold under short edges 1/4", wrong sides together. Fold under again. Press. Sew a straight or zigzag seam to hem the folds.

  3. Now fold the strip lengthwise, wrong sides together, aligning its raw edges. Sew together with a 1/2" seam allowance. Press the seam allowance open.

  4. Place the open seam against the quilt's back. Center and pin the top edge of the tube to the back of the quilt, about 1/2" below the binding.

  5. Use a whipstitch to sew the top edge of the tube to the quilt backing. Stitch into the batting occasionally to help strengthen the seam.

  6. Smooth the sleeve downward along the quilt back, then make a 1/2" fold along its length to create a pleat. Leaving the pleat intact, pin the sleeve bottom to the quilt.

  7. Whipstitch the lower edge of the sleeve to the quilt. Remove pins. The sleeve will pooch out a bit to allow space for a hanging rod.

  8. Whipstitch the back sides of the sleeve to the quilt. Leave the front sides unsewn to allow for rod insertion.

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