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A Guide to Awareness Ribbon Colors

Cancer and Other Awareness Ribbons


Cancer Awareness Quilts

Ribbon Quilt Sewn in a Rainbow of Colors to Represent Different Cancers

© Susan Morris Breast Cancer T-shirt Quilt

Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt

© Susan Morris Cancer Awareness Quilt

Cancer Awareness Quilt

Quilt by Patti Vallett Kaulback

Awareness Ribbon Colors

Most of us know that pink awareness ribbons are used to show support of breast cancer awareness and research, but numerous other awareness ribbons are used for other diseases.

The list below may help you choose a color scheme when you're making awareness or comfort quilts. You'll see a few duplicates, because some awareness ribbon colors are used for multiple diseases.

Incorporate my Awareness Ribbon Quilt Block Pattern into an quilt.

Awareness Ribbon Colors


  • AIDS/HIV: Red
  • Alzheimers: Purple
  • Autism: Jigsaw Puzzle Print
  • Bladder Cancer: Yellow
  • Bone Cancer: White
  • Brain Cancer: Gray
  • Breast Cancer: Pink Ribbons
  • Childhood Cancers: Gold
  • Colon Cancers: Dark Blue Ribbons
  • Diabetes: Gray
  • Eating Disorders: Purple
  • Epilepsy: Purple
  • Heart Disease: Red Ribbons
  • Hypertension: Periwinkle
  • Kidney Cancer: Green Ribbons
  • Leukemia: Orange
  • Liver Cancer and Hepatitis: Jade Ribbons
  • Lung Cancer: Pear
  • Lyme Disease: Lime Green Ribbons
  • Lymphoma: Lime Green Ribbons
  • Melanoma: Black Ribbons
  • Mental Health Awareness: Green/Blue Ribbons
  • Multiple Myeloma: Burgundy
  • Multiple Sclerosis: Orange
  • Osteoporosis: Lace Ribbons
  • Ovarian Cancer: Teal
  • Pancreatic Cancer: Purple
  • Parkinson's Disease: Silver Ribbons
  • Prostate Cancer: Sky Blue Ribbons
  • Stomach Cancer: Periwinkle
  • Testicular Cancer: Purple
  • Thyroid Cancer: Pink, Purple & Teal

Please send me an email if you are aware of colors that are not on my awareness ribbons list.

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