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Working with Color

My color wheel advice helps simplify the process of using a color wheel to design your quilts. We'll talk about color value, too, because value is just as important as color itself (if not more so).
  1. Quilting Glossary

Color Wheel Basics for Quilters
A color wheel a tool you can use to help select fabrics for a quilt.

Color Value for Quilters
Color value is important to quilters, in part because the contrast between fabrics defines our patterns and makes certain elements more noticeable. This easy primer walks you though methods you can use to understand color value and start experimenting with value placement in your quilts.

Top Books About Color for Quilters
Color and color value are critical to the success of our quilts. Any one of these books will help you gain a better understanding of the use of color when you sew.

Color Theory
A very good explanation of color theory, color families and other important color qualities. The text is accompanied by graphics that make it easy to visualize the instructions.

Color Wheel
Fiber Images explains the color wheel, how it's arranged, the terminology, and how to work with it to create quilts and other art.

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