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You'll find lots of Christmas quilt patterns on the Quilting Web site, and many more that can be converted into Christmas quilts by altering their fabrics. Star quilts make wonderful quilts for the holidays, and if you're careful with color selections they fit-in perfectly during the rest of the year, too.

1. Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Folded Fabric Star Christmas Ornaments
Janet Wickell
Grab an iron, fabric squares, Styrofoam balls, straight pins and scraps of fabric. That's about all you'll need to make these easy homemade Christmas ornaments. Once folding is complete, the remaining steps can be completed while you watch television or listen to music, and the projects are small and portable enough to carry on trips.

2. Christmas Row Quilt Pattern

Christmas Row Quilt Pattern
© Janet Wickell
Use my Christmas Row quilt pattern to sew a colorful quilt that combines applique and patchwork. To make the quilt, horizontal rows are assembled with one of three block sizes: 6", 10" or 12" square. I've included links to other quilt blocks that can be substituted for the applique.

3. Log Cabin Christmas Tree Pattern

Log Cabin Christmas Tree Pattern
Janet Wickell
Decorate this tree for the holidays by attaching an assortment of buttons or charms to serve as ornaments. Make tiny Christmas stockings and tack them on -- you can probably find a fabric with stocking images to help make that a breeze. Scattering little bows across the tree is another way to add a bit of extra decoration.

4. Christmas Table Runner Pattern

Christmas Table Runner Pattern
Janet Wickell
I love the Winged Squares quilt block, and have made several quilts with the design, including Which Way Do We Go, a strippy set wallhanging. Winged Squares seemed to fit this table runner, made with two of the blocks placed side by side and surrounded by panels from a border print fabric.

The pattern was originally written as a mystery quilt, but you can flip through to read all pages.

5. Christmas Log Cabin Quilt

Christmas Log Cabin Quilt
Janet Wickell
This 36-1/2" log cabin quilt is assembled in bright holiday colors, with blocks that are arranged in a barn raising layout. The block is slightly different than a traditional log cabin -- its red logs are taller than its green logs. The layout helps make the horizontal "line" where colors meet appear to curve a bit, instead of moving in rigid stair-steps. The slight wreath-like appearance makes this an ideal Christmas quilt.

6. Easy Christmas Stocking Quilt Block

Easy Christmas Stocking Quilt Block
Janet Wickell
This Christmas Stocking quilt block pattern is super easy, with just a few pieces. You can leave the stocking blocks as-is, or dress them up with ribbons and lace. And if you don't need a Christmas stocking, try cutting the sock components from other fabrics -- how about sock monkeys? The stocking quilt block finishes at 8" x 10".

7. Make Easy Fabric Postcards

Fabric Postcard
Janet Wickell
Fabric postcards can be as simple or complex as you like. Cards can be sewn using any technique, including patchwork, applique and more and can be embellished with yarns, threads, small buttons and other kinds of trim. My fabric postcard instructions walk you through the mechanics of the process so that you'll end up with a hand crafted card that you can pop in the mail to family and friends. Several techniques are included.

8. Holiday Harvest Quilt Pattern

Janet Wickell
The Holiday Harvest quilt is made from two quilt blocks, a 10" patchwork Grape Basket combined with an applique Oak Leaf and Acorn block of the same size, all placed on point and surrounded by setting squares. I've included two choices for the applique block's center -- one a bit less detailed (and easier to stitch) than the other.

9. Christmas Orchard Quilt Pattern

Christmas Quilt Pattern
Janet Wickell
Christmas Orchard is an example of how easy it is to convert any quilt pattern into a design with a Christmas theme. It's made from two traditional blocks, Snowball and Practical Orchard, and is super easy to assemble. You can shift color and contrast around to make different components pop out in the quilt -- like the yellow squares and/or triangles. The quilt would look very difference with a dark fabric sewn in those positions, especially if you lighten-up the green squares.

10. Christmas Tree Rag Quilt

Christmas Tree Rag Quilt Pattern
© Janet Wickell
Here's a design that was inspired by Carol G's tree quilt in our online galleries. Stitch the tree in one of two ways, as a rag quilt or as a typical miniature quilt. The rag quilt doesn't have huge units -- they finish at 4" square. The mini's smaller of course, with each square in the quilt finishing at 2-1/2". You'll find a couple of layout and assembly options within the quilt pattern.
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