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Christmas Table Runner Pattern


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Choose Fabrics for the Table Runner Pattern
Christmas Table Runner Pattern

The five fabrics I chose for the mystery table runner.

© Janet Wickell

About the Christmas Table Runner

Use the Christmas table runner pattern to make a runner that finishes at approximately 14-1/4" x 42-1/2" before borders are added. Mine sewn in traditional Christmas colors, but it's easy to change the theme by simply choosing different fabrics.

The table runner pattern was originally written as somewhat of a mystery quilt -- with instructions released over a few weeks. All of the instructions are visible now, so do peek ahead to see the entire pattern.

Table Runner Fabrics

Choose five fabrics:

A light, smallish scale print - bottom fabric: 1/3 yard

  • (24) 3-3/8" squares

A dark, smallish scale print - second from bottom: 1/3 yard

  • Cut twenty-four 3-3/8" squares

A fabric that's larger in scale and contrasts with the first two - third from bottom: 5/8 yard

  • Cut (1) 10 7/8" square, then cut it in half once diagonally
  • Cut (1) 8 3/8" square, then cut it in half twice diagonally
  • Cut (2) 8" squares, then cut each in half once diagonally(2) 5-1/2" squares

A narrow border print - fourth from bottom: 1-3/4 yards - less if you don't mind piecing for length. We'll cut it later.

A larger scale print that works well with all other fabrics - top fabric: 3/4 yard. We'll cut it later.

Backing: 1 yard of any print that looks great with your table runner; 1-3/4 yard if you do not want to piece the backing (How to Make Quilt Backing

Batting: 1 yard flannel (1-3/4 yard to avoid piecing) or equivalent of thin cotton batting

Binding: approximately 180 running inches of doublefold binding - cut strips 1-3/4" wide across the crosswide grain; How to Make Quilt Binding Strips

Quilt Making Techniques Used to Make the Table Runner

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