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Twenty-Five Patch Quilt Block Pattern


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About the Twenty-Five Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Twenty-Five Patch Quilt Block Pattern

Twenty-Five Patch Quilt Block Pattern

Janet Wickell

Twenty-Five Patch Quilt Block Pattern

The Twenty-Five Patch quilt block is exactly what its name implies -- a design with twenty five patches within its borders, all same-sized squares.

This pattern includes instructions for a 10" x 10" finished block, but you can easily make the block in any size you wish by choosing a finished size for the squares, adding 1/2" total to the finished width and length (1/4" + 1/4"), and then cutting 25 squares that size for each block.

Color and Color Value

The Twenty-five Patch is a perfect block for scrap quilts, but can also be effective when sewn in an orderly fashion. You'll need to make some choices before you begin.

Which color scheme suits you best?

  • Quilt blocks made from a totally random set of colors
  • Monochromatic quilt blocks (as shown), made with a theme color and neutrals
  • Quilt blocks with two or more focal colors

How do you want to construct the quilt?

  • Patch by patch
  • Using strip piecing techniques

Before you Begin

Color value is important to the success of this quilt. Read Color Value Basics if the concept is new to you.

You might want to review Color Wheel Made Easy before deciding on a color scheme.

If you plan to make a first scrap quilt, get a few scrap quilt pointers before you begin.


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