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Intro to Snowball Quilt Blocks
Snowball Quilt Block Patterns

A Joyous Celebration Quilt

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Snowball Quilt Blocks

This version of a Snowball quilt block, a plain square with triangles at its corners, is one of the most versatile quilt blocks you'll encounter. Snowball quilt blocks can be used as the only block in a quilt, but the design is always one to consider when you're looking for an alternate block -- something to sit beside other designs. Think of the design as a connector -- when the triangles align with the patches of a neighboring quilt block, the combination makes one block seem to flow into another and adds diagonal movement within the quilt.

The star quilt above, called A Joyous Celebration, alternates star quilt blocks with Snowballs, and the green corners of the Snowballs link with the red star tips along the diagonal. The neutral print used in the Snowball blocks blends into the printed fabric used for the star backgrounds, making the Snowballs appear to be set on point, even though they are in a straight setting.

You can alter Snowball quilts block to make the patchwork mesh with nearly any layout. If you're new to quilting, it would be helpful for you to get familiar with patchwork bone structure before you decide how to construct your Snowball blocks, because there's no single corner configuration that works with every block.

Step through the following pages for Snowball patterns and examples.

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