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Easy Roman Square Quilt and Quilt Block Pattern


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About the Roman Square Quilt Block Pattern
Easy Roman Square Quilt Pattern

Roman Square Quilt Block Pattern

Janet Wickell
Roman Square is an easy quilt block pattern -- perfect for beginning quilters. Roman Square blocks can have a scrappy layout or be sewn in a more controlled color scheme. The same basic design is known my many names, including Rail Fence, depending on the arrangement and repeats of color and color value.

You probably have leftover fabric from previous projects -- put those pieces to use by making a true scrap quilt.

To make a scrappy quilt, it isn't important to place the block's light and dark bars in specific positions, but do vary the value somewhat from strip to strip, or within the block in general.

Follow the strip piecing instructions to make eight Roman Square quilt blocks. Make additional groups of eight, switching fabric positions or using different fabrics, until you've assembled enough blocks for a quilt.

I've also included cutting instructions for those who would prefer to sew blocks together piece by piece.

Finished Block Size: 9" x 9"

Fabrics & Cutting

Strip Piecing: For eight blocks, cut (12) different fabric strips from selvage to selvage, each strip 2" wide; fabric narrower than 42" wide will result in fewer quilt blocks

Sewing Piece-by-Piece: Cut (12) different fabric bars, 2" x 5" each, for each quilt block.

Cut additional fabric to make more than eight quilt blocks.

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