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Meet the Paper Pieced Pineapple Quilt Pattern
Pineapple Quilt Pattern

A pineapple quilt layout sewn with two block variations.

© Janet Wickell

Foundation Piecing a Pineapple Quilt

The Pineapple Quilt is made with foundation (or paper) pieced pineapple blocks. The quilt on this page has two variations of the pineapple quilt blocks, where fabrics are reversed in a couple of positions. (See a better example of the differences on page 2)

On page 4 you'll find an example of the quilt with a single block type -- a very different look. There are endless ways to arrange pineapple quilt blocks, so don't hesitate to change your layout.

Finished Sizes

Pineapple Quilt Block: 9" x 9"
Pineapple Quilt: 45-1/2" x 63-1/2"

Foundation (Paper) Piecing

If foundation piecing is a new technique for you, read Paper Piecing Basics before you begin. You'll find the two terms (paper and foundation) used interchangeable, but do keep in mind that not all foundation pieced quilts are created on paper -- the basics article explains.

I typically use temporary foundations (which are removed after blocks are assembled), but pineapple quilt blocks are perfect for permanent versions (which are never removed). They add depth to blocks and non-woven permanent templates help eliminate stretch.

Plan to machine quilt, since pineapple quilts (even without an extra foundation layer) have plenty of bulk from closely spaced seam allowances.

Choose one of the following foundation templates:

  • A full 9-1/2" x 9-1/2" template for those who can print larger images. Print 35.

  • A half-block template for anyone printing on standard 8-1/2" x 11 paper or other foundation material. Print 70 and tape them together.

Pineapple Quilt Yardages

Yardage will vary, depending on the number of fabrics you use. For a quilt that's made with two block variations and four fabrics (like the quilt on this page) you'll need about:

  • Darkest charcoal/black: 2 yards
  • Medium-dark charcoal/black: 1-1/4 yards
  • Medium-gray: 2 yards
  • Light-gray: 2 yards

Binding: about 240 running inches doublefold binding

Backing: 3-3/4 yards; or about 55" x 70" wide backing

Batting: about 55" x 70" (flannel or thin batting)

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