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Block Layout Options and Yardages for Additional Blocks
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Turning Nines Into a Seven - Free Quilt Block Pattern

Janet Wickell

Altering Color Value in Quilt Blocks

The shades-of-gray drawings above illustrate how you can change the appearance of a quilt by altering the placement of color value in blocks. The examples are just the beginning, there are endless value arrangements for this -- or any -- quilt block.

Yardages for Twenty Identical Quilt Blocks

Neutral for nine patch units, 1/2 yard

Medium for nine patch units, 1-1/3 yard

Dark for nine patches and center squares, 1/3 yard

Light background for "crossbars," 5/8 yard

Cutting Chart for 20 Blocks

Light neutral for nine patch units

  • Cut (8) 2" x 42" strips

Light background for "crossbars" (shown as plaid)

  • Cut (2) 5" x 42" strips
  • Cut (40) 2" x 5" strips

Dark for small squares (shown as purple)

  • Cut (4) 2" x 42" strips

  • Cut (1) 2" x 42" strips

Medium fabric** (shown as small scale print)

  • Cut (20) 2" x 42" strips

Make the Strip Sets

You'll make the same types of strip sets for 20 quilt blocks as for 2 quilt blocks--you'll just make more of them and they'll be longer.
  • Strip Set A, make 8 and cut (160) 2" units

  • Strip Set B, make 4 and cut (80) 2" units

  • Strip Set C, make 1 and cut (20) 2" units

Assemble the blocks using the previous instructions.

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