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Evening Star Quilt Block Pattern with Nine Patch Centers


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Sew Half Square Triangle Units for Star Quilt Blocks
Quilt Block Patterns

Triangle Square Units for Star Block Tips

© Janet Wickell

Sew the Star Tips

I made star tips from triangle square units, also called half square triangles and one of the most common quilting components.

I nearly always make the units by sewing two squares together with two diagonal seams, then slicing them apart midway between the seams to produce two identical triangle square units. The cutting instructions for this pattern match that method.

Read the triangle square instructions and make 24 triangle squares. Sew 12 pairs together as shown in the diagram above, with the light fabric forming a "V" between the dark triangles.

Alternative Star Tip Method

An alternative method produces star tips without a seam running through the light blue fabric.

Cut squares and rectangles instead of light and dark blue 3-7/8" squares. Use the Alternative diagram above as a guide.


  • Twelve 3-1/2" x 6-1/2" light blue rectangles
  • Twenty-four 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" dark blue squares
  1. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the reverse side of each blue square.
  2. Align the square with a corner of the rectangle, edges matched exactly and right sides together. Position the line as shown above.
  3. Sew a seam on the line.
  4. Cut away excess fabric, leaving an approximate 1/4" seam allowance past the seam (not shown; see this diagram for an example).
  5. Repeat to sew a second square to the opposite side of the rectangle. Be sure to position the seam as illustrated. Trim.
  6. Press seam allowances towards dark blue tips.
  7. Make a total of twelve identical units.
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