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Awareness Ribbon Quilt Block Pattern


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Finish Assembling the Awareness Ribbon Quilt Block
Cancer Awareness Ribbon Quilt Block Pattern

Cancer Awareness Ribbon Quilt Block Pattern

Janet Wickell

Assemble the Ribbon Quilt Block - top half

  1. Use the same techniques to continue adding patches in numerical order. Take care with the long triangles -- it can be a little tricky to position them correctly, but once you "get it," you'll be fine. Remember that the edges of all patches along the outer edges should extend past the outermost foundation line (the trim line).
  2. Press when you're finished. Trim through all layers on the outermost foundation line at the bottom of the design.

    Assemble the Bottom Half of the Ribbon Block

    1. The bottom half of the ribbon block is assembled in the same way as the first, in numerical order. Start with patch 1, placing it right side up. Align and sew the two patches next to it before moving on to patches on the opposite side of the unit.
    2. Always remember to trim back seam allowances as you go (all layers) or you'll have a jumbled mess of fabric on the back of your quilt block.
    3. Press the unit and trim on the outermost foundation line at the top of the design.
    4. Align the two block halves right sides together and sew a seam along the line at the midpoint, where the trimmed edges meet. Press and trim along all outer lines (lines should match where the halves were sewn together).
    5. Leave foundations in place until the block is sewn to sashing, a setting rectangle or to another block.

    Some long triangles weren't used. Save them for another project or make a mirror image quilt block.

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