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Awareness Ribbon Quilt Block Pattern


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Continue Sewing the Awarness Ribbon Quilt Block
Cancer Awareness Ribbon Quilt Block Pattern

Cancer Awareness Ribbon Quilt Block Pattern

Janet Wickell

Continue Sewing the Ribbon Quilt Block

  1. Flip the pink strip you just sewed right side up. It should cover patch 2 underneath, with enough of an overlap along the three unsewn sides to create a stable seam when those seams are sewn. It will stretch past the right side of patch 2 -- the excess can be trimmed later.

  2. If the strip is positioned correctly, flip it back to its wrong side up position and trim the seam allowance you just created. Leaving about 1/4". (If position isn't good, rip the seam and try again.)

  3. After trimming the allowance, flip patch 2 right side up again and finger press.

  4. Position a patch 3 triangle (one of the pair won't work -- make sure the shape aligns with patch 3 before sewing) right side down along the line that separates patches 1 and 2 from patch 3, overlapping the line enough to create a stable seam allowance.

  5. Holding fabrics in place, turn the unit over and sew on that line, beginning and ending a few stitches on either side of it.

  6. Flip the new piece right side up and check placement. It's edges should cover the area of piece 3, with enough overlap to create stable seam allowances when lines around it are sewn. Its bottom edge should extend past the outermost line of the template (the trim line).

  7. If all's well, flip the piece wrong side up again and trim through all layers underneath it, leaving an approximate 1/4" seam allowance. Flip right side up and finger press in place.

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