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Bug Jar Quilt Block Patterns to Mix and Match


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Make the Bug Jar Quilt Blocks
Bug Jar Quilt Block Patterns

Assembling a Bug Jar Quilt Block

Illustration © Janet Wickell

The drawing illustrates step-by-step assembly of the block with the larger bug jar -- the jar that finishes at 6-inches wide.

The more narrow jar is assembled in exactly the same way, but with the slightly different patch sizes listed in the cutting chart on page 1.

Use 1/4" seams throughout unless the directions specify another method.

Make the Strip Pieced Lid Units

  1. Find your lid fabric strip and the two lid background strips. Sew a background strip lengthwise to each long edge of the lid strip. Press seam allowances towards the lid strip.
  2. Square-up one end of the strip using the same method as for squaring-up fabric before cutting long strips. Cut six 1-inch wide segments from the squared-up end (segment width is the same for both block sizes).

Assemble the Bug Quilt Blocks

  1. Use the quick-pieced triangle corners technique to sew squares to each top corner of your jar fabric. If your fabric is directional, take care to orient it correctly before sewing on the corners. Trim excess fabric as directed and flip corners right side up. Use my general instructions for corners, but with a slight difference: you'll only sew squares to the top corners of these bug jars.
  2. Sew the lid unit to the top of the jar. Press the seam allowance towards the jar.
  3. Sew a narrow background side unit to each side of the jar. Press the seam allowances towards the jar.
  4. Sew the top background unit to the jar unit. Press the seam allowance towards the background unit.

That's it -- you're finished! Your bug jar quilt block should measure either 6-1/2" x 9-1/2" or 5" x 9-1/2". If it doesn't, press again and recheck. If it still isn't quite right, use my easy squaring-up method before swapping it or sewing it to other blocks.

Make five more bug jar blocks from the remaining patches.

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