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Triple Stripe Quilt Block Pattern


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About the Triple Stripe Quilt Block Pattern
Triple Stripe Quilt Block Pattern

Triple Stripe Quilt Block Variations (click on the image for a larger view)

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One look at the illustration reveals that, like other patchwork quilt blocks, Triple Stripe's appearance changes dramatically with variations to the colors and color values chosen for its pieces. The Triple Strip block pattern lets you choose fabrics that work with your project. Be sure to experiment a bit to see which arrangements become favorites.

Triple Stripe quilt blocks finish at 6-inches square. The pattern is used to make Backwards Medallion Sampler quilt. Feel free to create your own quilt design with the block pattern, mixing it with other 6-inch quilt blocks or sewing blocks of different sizes together to create a puzzle-like quilt.

Sewing the Triple Stripe Quilt Blocks

We'll rotary cut and strip piece the Triple Stripe quilt blocks, and that means we need to make a few tiny changes.

  • The three strips that are sewn along each diagonal would have to be cut with templates (or foundation pieced) to be exactly the same width. I've made one of the strips 1/8" narrower than the other two so that rotary cutting is a breeze. It doesn't matter which strip position is narrower.

  • Corner and setting triangles sometimes must be rounded up a teeny bit to match the units they're sewn against. That's not a problem.

Triple Stripe Cutting Instructions

Colors match the fabrics used in the block on the left; replace with fabrics in colors of your choice.

For the strip pieced units with three fabrics:

    Three different fabric strips (mine are red, gold and blue). Cut two strips 1-1/4" x 11" and the third 1-1/8" x 11".

For the block center:

  • Cut (1) 2-5/8" x 2-5/8" dark brown square

For setting triangles

For corner triangles

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