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Churn Dash Quilt Block Pattern


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Intro to the Churn Dash Quilt Block Pattern
Churn Dash Quilt Block Pattern

Make the Churn Dash quilt block for your Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt or use it to design a quilt of your very own.

Janet Wickell

Meet the Easy Churn Dash Quilt Block

Churn Dash is one of the most popular traditional quilt blocks, and you’ll see lots of variations to its basic design.

  • Some Churn Dash blocks have an oversize center square that's perfect for pictorial prints

  • Others are stitched with more narrow bars and larger half square triangle units than my block, like the example in this Churn Dash block pattern.

  • You’ll also see Churn Dash quilt blocks with varying arrangements of color value – the amount of contrast between a patch and its neighboring fabric.

Churn Dash makes a wonderful scrap quilt, one reason why I chose it as block number 11 of the Scrap Happy Sampler quilt project. Another reason -- a few of the blocks have been fairly time consuming, and now that we're down to the final two I thought it was time for a break.

But remember, you can use the pattern any time you like to make a quilt of your very own design, so grab your fabric stash and stitch up a scrappy batch of Churn Dash quilt blocks.

If you aren't into scrap quilts, take a look at page 4, where you'll find yardages and piecing instructions for 56 Churn Dash quilt blocks, enough to make a quilt that finishes at about 84" x 96" if blocks are placed in a straight-set arrangement.

Finished Churn Dash Block Size

12" x 12"

Cutting Chart for One Churn Dash Quilt Block

Before you select fabrics, be sure to take a look at the Churn Dash color value variations, on page 3. You might decide to use a completely different layout for your quilt block(s).

Red/Green/Gold Print

  • (1) 4-1/2” x 4-1/2” square
  • (2) 4-7/8” x 4-7/8” squares

Mottled Green Print

  • (1) 2-1/2” x 19” strip

Light Neutral Print

  • (2) 4-7/8” x 4-7/8” squares
  • (1) 2-1/2” x 19” strip

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