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Free Quilt Block Patterns by Size and Type

Find free quilt block patterns of all sizes and types, including patchwork and applique patterns for quilters of all skill levels. Many patterns are sorted into folders... some blocks are grouped by size and other patterns are grouped by type.
  1. 6" Quilt Block Patterns (29)
  2. 8" Quilt Block Patterns (10)
  3. 9" Quilt Block Patterns (15)
  4. 10" Quilt Block Patterns (19)
  5. 12 Inch Quilt Block Patterns (74)
  6. Miniature Quilt Blocks (5)
  7. Large Quilt Block Patterns (24)
  8. Pinwheel Quilt Blocks (11)
  9. Basket Quilt Block Patterns (17)
  10. Blocks in Fractional Sizes (12)
  11. Christmas Block Patterns (5)
  12. Jar Quilt Blocks (3)
  13. Star Quilt Block Patterns (13)

Nine Patch Quilt Block Patterns
Discover the nine patch quilt block patterns you'll find on this web site.

Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Sew easy large nine patch quilt blocks and then cut them into quarters to make the blocks 'disappear.'

Four Patch Quilt Block Patterns
A collection of designs to try when you're looking for four patch quilt patterns.

Free Five Patch Quilt Block Patterns
Try this handy index if you're looking for a five patch quilt block pattern, a group of blocks that are among my own personal favorites.

Quilt Block Patterns Gallery
Jump over to the Quilt Block Patterns Gallery if you'd prefer to browse all quilt block patterns in one place. The index includes images that offer a preview of each quilt block.

Snowball Quilt Blocks in Any Size
Learn how to make Snowball quilt blocks of any size, and blocks with corners that will mesh perfectly with their neighbors.

Wonky Log Cabin Quilt Block Pattern (Any Size)
Use string piecing to make a batch of easy Wonky Log Cabin quilt blocks.

Alphabetical List of Quilt Block Patterns
Quilt block patterns on the Quilting site, listed alphabetically.

6" Broken Wheel Quilt Block Pattern
Make the Broken Wheel quilt block, one of the designs for the Backwards Medallion Sampler quilt.

6" Kansas Star Quilt Block Pattern
Another quilt block originally published for a sampler quilt, but useful any time you need a 6" design.

9-inch Quilt Block Patterns
Find patterns for quilt blocks that finish at 9 inches square.

Awarness Ribbon Quilt Block Pattern
Use this awareness ribbon quilt block (2 sizes) to make a comfort quilt or a quilt to donate to cancer (or other disease) research.

12" Antique Tile Quilt Block Pattern
Antique Tile is an easy quilt block, but you'll find that it's a design that can look very different depending on your use of color and color value.

Attic Window Quilt Block Pattern
Make Attic Windows quilt blocks inspired by oriental fabrics, and learn an easy technique to miter their corners.

6" Darting Birds Quilt Block Pattern
Sew 6" black and white Darting Birds on a blue background sky.

Five Patch Chain Quilt Block Pattern
Follow the instructions to make Five Patch Chain quilt block. The free quilt block pattern also includes instructions for a bed-sized quilt.

Comforts of Home Quilt Block Pattern
Comforts of home is an easy patchwork quilt block that can be used to make a scrap quilt. The pattern shows you how to make three quilt blocks at a time.

Country Nine-Patch In a Square Quilt Blocks
Sew up a batch of these pretty Country Nine-Patch quilt blocks for our Beginner Block Lotto, or use them to make a quilt for yourself.

Fool's Square Quilt Block Pattern (5")
This patchwork quilt block pattern, called Fool's Square, finish at 5" x 5".

Double Nine-Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Make a batch of Double Nine Patch quilt blocks, an all-time favorite design.

Double Nine Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Make a scrappy or orderly Double Nine Patch quilt block, and be sure to take a look at page 4 for an easy quilt option.

Easy Bow Tie Quilt Blocks
Make an easy Bow Tie quilt block... no set-in seams to worry about.

Goose in the Pond Quilt Block Pattern
Make a Goose in the Pond quilt block that finishes at 22-1/2" x 22-1/2".

6-inch Quilt Block Patterns
Find patterns for quilt blocks that finish at 6 inches square.

10-inch Quilt Block Patterns
Find quit block patterns for designs that finish at 10 inches square.

Goshen Star Quilt Block Pattern
Goshen Star is an easy quilt block pattern, and its looks can vary greatly depending on your choice of color and color value.

Grecian Square Quilt Block Pattern
Looking for an easy quilt block pattern? Try the Grecian Square.

The Greek Cross quilt block pattern shows you how to make a 10" square Greek...
Use my Greek Cross quilt block pattern to make individual, scrappy quilt blocks that finish at 10" square. Refer to the last page of the pattern to make a Greek Cross quilt that measures about 64" x 84".

Handy Andy Quilt Block Pattern
Make a Handy Andy quilt block that finishes at 20" x 20".

House Quilt Block Pattern
Here's a House quilt block pattern that's easy to sew. Everything is rotary cut and quick pieced... no templates are used.

Jacob's Ladder Quilt Block
Free quilt pattern for the traditional Jacob's Ladder quilt block.

I Spy Snowball Blocks
These easy I Spy quilt blocks are a wonderful choice for a child's quilt.

Nine Patch Chain Quilt Block Pattern

Almost a Bow Tie Quilt Block Pattern
Quick and easy, this quilt block, which resembles the traditional Bow Tie block, is perfect for block swaps or anytime you'd like to sew a quick quilt.

Not So Much of a Trick Quilt Block Pattern

Old Maid's Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern
This traditional quilt block is known by many names, but one thing is certain... it's easy to sew.

Sailboats Quilt Pattern
Use this easy quilt pattern to make a small Sailboats quilt.

Premium Star Quilt Block Pattern
Premium Star is a traditional quilt block that resembles the Bear's Paw design, but with just enough of a twist to make the star unique.

Scottie Dog Quilt Block Pattern
Make this cute little 12" Scottie Dog quilt block.

Single Irish Chain Quilt Block & Baby Quilt
Our pattern shows you how to make individual Single Irish Chain quilt blocks, along with an easy baby quilt pattern from your blocks.

Single T Quilt Block Pattern

Churn Dash Quilt Block Pattern
Use this easy quilt block pattern to sew one or more 12" Churn Dash quilt blocks.

This Lady of the Lake quilt block pattern is a five-patch version of the...
Here's a five-patch version of the popular Lady of the Lake quilt block pattern. The block finishes at 10-inches square.

Make Framed Churn Dash Quilt Blocks
Framed Churn Dash quilt blocks are the perfect place to display pictorial fabrics.

Template-Free Courthouse Steps Quilt Block and Quilt Pattern
Use my pattern to make easy Courthouse Steps quilt blocks.

Tall Ships Quilt Block Pattern
Sew Tall Ships, a quilt block pattern that finishes at 12" x 14".

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