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It's Easy to Sew Mitered Quilt Binding


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Sew a Mitered Corner and Continue Sewing Binding to Edges
Easy Mitered Quilt Binding

Follow instructions to sew quilt binding along a portion of one side of the quilt, then miter the corner and sew to next side.

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Miter Binding at a Corner of the Quilt

  1. Fold the unsewn tail of quilt binding straight up, positioning it so that its right edge is parallel with the next side of the quilt to be bound. Coax the lower edge of the strip to form a 45-degree angle (top left illustration).
  2. Fold the binding down, leaving the top of the fold flush with the edge of the quilt top behind it and its raw edge aligned with the next side of the quilt. The 45-degree angle should be intact under the fold.
  3. Pin the quilt binding to the side of the quilt or align it as you sew. Sew 2-4 stitches where the first seam ended, and then sew backstitch to the beginning of that seam. Continue sewing the binding to the side of the quilt.
  4. End the seam the same distance from the next corner as the first. Backstitch. Miter the second corner as you did the first and continue sewing along the third side of the quilt. Treat remaining corners in the same way.

Binding Tip: Some sewing machine presser feet have markings that help you know when you are a specific distance from an approaching edge.

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