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How to Make Binding for Quilts


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Method #2, Continuous Bias Quilt Binding
You can make bias binding for quilts by sewing bias-cut strips together end to end -- the same technique used for crosswise grain quilt binding. However, some quilters prefer to cut their long bias binding strip away from a tube of fabric in one continuous motion. It's easy to do that by assembling a tube from a large square of the binding fabric.

Calculate how much binding a square of fabric will produce:

  • length = area of square divided by width of binding strip


    1. For a 20" square, area = 20" x 20" = 400" square inches

    2. Divide 400" by the binding strip width -- let's say 2-1/2"

    3. The result is 160 inches of binding

    Calculate how large the square must be to produce the needed quilt binding:

    1. Multiply the length of the strip needed by its width to find its area.

    2. Determine the square root of the area to estimate the square size needed.


    1. Binding strip must be 2" wide by about 250" long
    2. 2" x 250" = 500" square
    3. square root of 500 = 22.36

  • Round the figure up and cut a 23" fabric square

The continuous binding method works best with larger pieces of fabric, because using small squares produces binding with many bulky seam allowances along its length.

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