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Binding the Quilt

After you've quilted the quilt you'll have to cover its raw edges to protect them. You do that with binding, which can be sewn to the quilt using one of several different techniques.

How to Cut and Assemble Binding Strips
It's easy to cut and assemble the long binding strips that cover the edges of a quilt. Here's a tutorial that gives you some options and walks you through binding strip assembly.

How to Sew Mitered Binding to a Quilt
Doublefold mitered binding gives the edges of your quilt a professional, finished appearance, and is an easy task to accomplish.

Finish the Quilt with Self Binding
Self binding is one technique you can use to finish a quilt. It's not the best choice for durability, but can be a good choice for wallhangings, miniatures and other quilts that probably won't get as much wear. Quiltmag.com offers advice in this tutorial.

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