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Quilting for Beginners

Quilting instructions for beginners includes in-depth tutorials that explain how to make a quilt, plus hundreds of free quilt patterns that are perfect for your first quilt and beyond. Learn which guidelines truly are important to follow when you make a quilt, and which so-called 'rules' can be bent just a bit to help enhance a quilt.
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  2. How to Make a Quilt

10 Things You Should Know About Quilting
Brand new quilters are sometimes overwhelmed with the huge amount of tasks they need to master. Don't panic... start with ten basics and move forward.

Easy Quilts for Beginners
Easy quilt patterns, all perfect for beginning quilters. Grab your fabric and start sewing.

How to Press Quilt Blocks and Quilt
Your piecing accuracy will improve immediately when you take the time to press your quilt blocks after every step of the construction process. Let's talk about the best ways to press.

Learn How to Sew an Accurate Seam Allowance
Quilters us a 1/4" seam allowance for the majority of their sewing tasks. We'll show you how to make sure your seam allowances are accurate.

Free Quilt Patterns

 An index of quilt patterns. Choose your next quilt and get started.

Tools for Beginning Quilters
Here's a list of tools that beginning quilters should consider buying making a quilt.

Rotary Cutting Safety Tips
Important advice to help keep you safe when you use a rotary cutter.

Quick Tips for Quilters
Quilting tips and techniques to help you create quilts accurately and easily.

Quilting Ah-Ha Moments
The best quilting tips and techniques often come from other quilters who've experienced an "Ah-Ha" moment -- an immediate understanding of a quilt making tip or a special way to complete a task. Tell us about your Ah-Has.

Frugal Quilting Tips
Are you a fugal quilter? Share your favorite frugal quilting tips with members of the online community, and read what others have to say about the frugal-friendly methods they use to handle their quilting passion.

What Is Quilting?
Learn how the term 'quilting' is used, and get acquainted with different types of quilting.

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