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Sun & Shadows Basket Quilt Block Pattern


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Introduction to the Sun and Shadows Basket Block
Quilt Block Patterns

Sun & Shadows Basket Quilt Block

© Janet Wickell
Sun and Shadows is a patchwork basket quilt block that, when complete, looks like a basket placed on point. That configuration makes it a natural for strippy settings, where columns of blocks are separated by borders or pieced units, but it works just as well when arranged side-by-side to form horizontal rows.

If blocks are sewn side-by-side, try varying the fabrics chosen for the four large triangles that surround each actual basket, otherwise you'll lose an opportunity to create a bit of extra visual appeal where the blocks intersect (when the same fabrics are used, four triangles come together to create a square of like-fabric -- you may as well sew setting squares between the blocks).

I wanted my block to truly have a shadow-like look, but subtle light in its handle and a flash of sunlight at its center. Change fabrics to suit your own needs, and don't hesitate to create quilt blocks with a completely different appearance.

Technically, this block's half square triangle units finish at 2.1213" x 2.1213", rather than the 2.125 (2-1/8") that results from the pieces we'll cut -- the tiny difference will not be an issue for the 12-inch square quilt block.

Sun and Shadows Basket Block Cutting Chart

Deep blue print (can be a tone-on-tone):

  • (1) 2-5/8" x 2-5/8" square
  • (6) 3" x 3" squares
  • (1) 3" x 3" square, cut in half once diagonally

Yellowish-green print:

  • (6) 3" x 3" squares

Light yellow print:

  • (1) 5-1/8" x 5-1/8" square, cut in half once diagonally (one resulting triangle will not be used, save for another block or project)

Larger scale print for outer triangles:

  • (2) 6-7/8" x 6-7/8" squares, each cut in half once diagonally

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