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Janet Wickell

Vintage Look Baby Quilt Pattern

Vintage Orchards is an easy baby quilt pattern that's made by assembling two color variations of the traditional Practical Orchard quilt block, and then alternating them within the quilt.

The two different variations come together to form a plaid-like look. The quarter square triangle units (one unit sits at each block's center) create an on-point sub-pattern when the quilt is viewed from a distance.

You can use completely different fabrics for your quilt, and still create the same overall appearance as the example, by ignoring my colors and focusing entirely on color value for your selections (Color Value for Quilters).

Finished Quilt Block Size: 6" x 6"
Finished Quilt Size: 35" x 47" (includes 1/2" binding around quilt)

Quilting Fabrics & Other Materials

Dark brown print for squares in blocks: 5/8 yard

Grayish-blue/brown print for squares in blocks: 7/8 yard

Neutral dot for squares in blocks: 1/2 yard

Tiny blue dots on beige for quarter square triangle units: 3/8 yard

Blue-gray print, slightly lighter than print used in squares, for quarter square triangle units: 3/8 yard

Contrasting print for borders: 1/2 yard for pieced crosswise grain strips; or, 1-1/4 yards for less stretchy lengthwise grain strips. Cut long side borders first -- you will have leftovers (About Fabric Grain)

Backing: 1-3/4 yards (Backing Instructions)

Batting: about 45" x 57"

Binding: about 190 running inches of doublefold binding to finish at 1/2" (Binding Strip Instructions)

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