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Taking Flight Baby Quilt Pattern


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Baby Quilt Pattern: Taking Flight
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Taking Flight Baby Quilt Pattern

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The Taking Flight baby quilt pattern requires twelve traditional Birds in the Air quilt blocks and six Thrifty blocks, all placed on point and surrounded by setting triangles.

Two straight (butted) borders complete the quilt top; the outer border of the quilt includes cornerstones.

The Taking Flight baby quilt pattern works well with the spring and summer feel of green and floral pink fabrics touched with white, but any theme you choose will be perfect.

Finished Baby Quilt Size: 39-1/2" x 47"

Finished Block Size: 6" x 6"


Dark green: half-square triangle units, 1/4 yard

Deep pink: triangles in Birds in the Air blocks, 1/4 yards

Neutral: half square triangle units in Birds blocks, four-patch units in Thrifty blocks, 3/8 yard

Medium green: Triangle base for Birds in the Air blocks and border cornerstones, 1/2 yard

Small scale green floral: Thrifty blocks, 1/4 yard

Green gingham: Thrifty blocks, inner border, 1/2 yard

Large floral: Outer border and setting triangles, 1-1/8 yard

Backing: 1-1/2 yards if you use a single panel for backing -- will be about 43" wide, or only a few inches excess on each side. Buy 3 yards and construct a wider panel if you want extra width.

Batting: About the same size as backing.

Binding: About 200 running inches of binding of your choice (make binding strips)

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