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Stars Through the Windows Baby Quilt Pattern


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Intro to the Windows Baby Quilt Pattern
Baby Quilt Pattern

Stars Through the Windows Baby Quilt

Janet Wickell

Get Ready to Make the Baby Quilt

This easy baby quilt pattern is made from two simple quilt blocks, a four-patch variation and a Snowball. The large openings of the Snowballs are filled with images from a wintry night sky. The smaller openings in the four-patch variation are filled with characters bundled-up for the cold.

Two neutral fabrics, one lighter than the other, are used as frames to surround each block center, making the window contents more visible.

Place anything you like in the windows -- a beach scene, summer skies, birds... anything. The design would also be a nice choice for an I Spy quilt.

Finished block size: 6" x 6"

Finished quilt size: 34" x 46"

Baby Quilt Fabrics and Materials

Deep blue starry skies for Snowballs: 3/4 yards

Coordinating pictorial for center of four patch variation: 1/2 yard (allows for fussy cutting to place images within the square, 1/4 yard if you cut normally

Light neutral for four patch variation bars: 3/4 yard

Slightly darker neutral for four patch variation corners: 1/4 yard

Dark brown mottled for border: 1/2 yard (for border strips pieced from crosswise grain strips, 1-1/3 yards for lengthwise grain borders, cut and sew sides first; will have leftovers)

Backing: 1-5/8 yards (Quilt Backing Instructions)

Batting: About 42" x 54"

Binding: About 185 running inches of doublefold continuous binding (Binding Strip Instructions)

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