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Easy Hopscotch Baby Quilt Pattern


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About the Hopscotch Baby Quilt Pattern
baby quilt pattern

One layout option for the Hopscotch baby quilt.

Janet Wickell
Finishing at 40-1/2" x 48-1/2", this easy baby quilt pattern is a bit larger than a typical crib quilt, so it can also be used as a lap quilt or a quilt for a toddler. The layout shown is one option for the blocks -- you'll find another on page 3.

There are no triangles in this quilt, and that means you'll work with patches cut along the fabric's sturdier straight grains.

The quilt shown is monochromatic -- sewn in all blues. Choose entirely different fabrics to change its appearance.

Finished block size: 8" x 8"

Quilting Fabrics & Other Materials

Medium blue: 1 yard

Dark blue: 3/4 yard

Light blue: 1-1/8 yard

Batting: about 48" x 56"

Backing: 3-1/8 yards (you will have leftovers) (Quilt Backing Instructions)

Binding: about 205 running inches of doublefold binding that finishes at 1/4" (Binding Strip Instructions)

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