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Easy Baby Quilt Patterns


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Easy Baby Rag Quilt Pattern
It's simple to turn the easy baby quilts from previous pages into rag quilts. Use the same 5-inch squares for the quilt fronts, arranging them as shown on pages 2 and 3. Your finished quilts will be smaller, because we'll sew the squares together with a wider seam allowance than we used for the traditionally pieced versions.

If you prefer, sew the quilts with 6" squares. Each 7" x selvage width strip should produce seven 6" squares. Increase yardage as required.

Rag quilts are made by making lots of individual quilt sandwiches and sewing them together. It's a cinch to make a rag quilt once you become accustomed to positioning reverse sides of fabric together when you sew, a switch from the typical right sides alignment.

Cut the same number of squares for the backing and the batting as cut for the quilt.

  • Form a design with backing squares, and arrange them randomly for a scrappy look, cut the squares from one fabric, or repeat the same layout on the back.

  • I recommend you flannel batting for rag quilts. Unlike typical batting, flannel does not need to be secured with quilting stitches.

  • After sewing and washing the quilt, the frayed edges of your little quilt sandwiches will eventually be visible around every patch on the front of the quilt. Use contrasting colors within the sandwiches or vary contrast to give the frays definition. Use colors that blend with other patches will make frayed edges blend with other fabrics on the front of the quilt.

Seam Allowances

We'll use a 1/2-inch seam allowance to sew squares together. Locate the 1/2" mark on your sewing machine's throat plate. Mark it with a Post-It note or strip of masking tape to help you remember to sew a wider than usual seam.

Before You Begin

If this is your first rag quilt, read my Rag Quilt General Instructions before you begin.

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