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Easy Baby Quilt Patterns


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About the Easy Baby Quilt Patterns
Easy Baby Quilt Patterns

Easy Baby Quilt Patterns

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Our easy baby quilt patterns are perfect projects for beginning quilters who are making a first quilt.

The baby quilts are made from squares, and you needn't learn quick-piecing methods for their construction, because it's easy to arrange the squares side by side and then sew them together with a quarter-inch seam allowance.

Experimenting with individual squares is an excellent way to become familiar with color value, an important ingredient that controls the pattern that emerges when your patches are sewn together.

This is one (very rare) occasion when it's acceptable if your quarter inch seam allowance isn't absolutely perfect. Come as close as you can, but as long as the seam allowance is consistent throughout the entire quilt, your sewn squares will fit together like they should. That isn't an option when sewing different shapes together.

Cut the 5-inch Squares

If you already own rotary cutting equipment, cut long strips of fabric from selvage to selvage, each 5-inches wide. Square up one end of each strip. Starting at the squared up end cut 5-inch squares -- eight are usually possible from a selvage-width strip.

If you prefer to cut with scissors, begin by cutting a 5-inch square from rigid template plastic. Use a light or dark pencil or permanent marker to draw around the square onto fabric, butting shapes next to each other. Cut out the shapes.

You might not have to cut at all. Some quilt and fabric shops sell assortments of 5-inch squares, and it's perfectly okay to use another square size.

More Baby Quilt Patterns

See my other baby quilt patterns if you're looking for quilts with more variety in their patches.
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