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Floating Nine Patch Baby Quilt Pattern


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Make Patchwork Setting and Corner Triangles
Patchwork Setting Triangles

Patchwork setting and corner triangles for Floating Nine Patch baby quilt.

© Janet Wickell

Patchwork Setting Triangles

Assemble twelve patchwork setting triangles to place at the ends of diagonal rows. If you are a beginning quilter, reading how to cut setting and corner triangles will help you understand why the small triangles we'll use to create the partial blocks are cut in different ways.

  1. Gather one each of the lighter and darker 3-1/2" x selvage width strips reserved for setting triangles. Sew together lengthwise (top left illustration). Press seam allowance towards the darker fabric.
  2. Square up one end of the strip set, trimming off as little as possible to make the end square. Cut (12) 3-1/2" segments from the set.

    If the strip produces only 11 segments, make another by cutting one 3-1/2" square of each fabric. Sew squares together along one edge, carefully matching edges. Press seam allowance towards the darker square.

  3. Cut (12) 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" squares from the remaining lighter hot selvage length strip. Cut another square from scraps if the strip does not produce the number required.
  4. Find the (6) 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" squares of darker hot fabric cut for setting triangles. Cut each of the squares in half twice diagonally. You now have 24 triangles with the fabric's straight grain along their longest edge.
  5. Cut each of the three 5-1/2" neutral squares in half twice diagonally.
  6. Arrange components into three rows, top to bottom as shown, top middle illustration.
    • (top) Strip pieced segment to the left of a dark triangle
    • (middle) Lighter square next to a neutral triangle
    • (bottom) Dark triangle
  7. Sew components of top two rows together. Press seam allowances towards the lighter hot squares.
  8. Sew all three rows together to create the patchwork triangle shown, top right.

The setting triangles are actually split nine-patch quilt blocks -- the same used in my Carolina Byways quilt. They can be quick pieced, but the method used in this pattern is usually best for beginning quilters.

Patchwork Corner Triangles

Make a patchwork triangle for each of the quilt's four corners. The two drawings in the bottom row illustrate the quilt's pieced corners.

  1. Cut each 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" dark square in half twice diagonally. Sew two dark triangles to each lighter square as shown, taking care to position the long edges of the triangles as illustrated. Press seam allowances towards the square.
  2. Cut each of the light 3" x 3" squares in half once diagonally. Center and sew a triangle to create the corner of each unit produced in step 1. Press seam allowance towards the new triangle (if sheer, press the other direction). If you used slightly oversize neutral triangles, square up to match remaining patch edges.
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