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Baby Quilt Patterns: Dawn's Light


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About the Dawn's Light Baby Quilt Pattern
Dawn's Light Baby Quilt Pattern

Dawn's Light Baby Quilt Pattern

© Janet Wickell

Dawn's Light is a baby quilt pattern that's made with two different quilt blocks placed on point and separated with narrow sashing and cornerstones.

Fabrics in my baby quilt were inspired by the shades we often see at dawn, when the sun is just beginning to peek above the edge of the earth. Its muted light softens the landscape, allowing the colors of nature to blend into each other. On the farm, crops sway and windmills circle in a gentle breeze.

Twelve framed four patch blocks are sewn in two different color schemes, and mirror image pinwheel blocks complete the layout.

I wanted my quilt to have a subdued, blended appearance. If I make the baby quilt again, I would probably create only one version of the four patch blocks and would likely put pinwheels against a more contrasting fabric. Consider those options as you choose your own fabrics.

Of course, you could also opt to use this baby quilt pattern to make a scrap quilt.

Finished Quilt Size: 43” x 56”

Finished Block Size: 8” x 8”

Fabric Yardages & Other Materials

Fabric A: 3/4 yard
Rosy maroon print for outer bars of some four-patch blocks, inner squares of others and for border corners

Fabric B: 1/2 yard
Dark green print for corner squares of some four-patch blocks and for sashing squares

Fabric C: 3/4 yard
Light neutral print for squares in four patch block centers and for sashing strips

Fabric D: 1/3 yard
Light green print for outer bars of some four-patch blocks and for squares in some four-patch block centers

Fabric E: 2 yards
Mottled fabric (mine is a batik) in colors that resemble the sky at dawn for four-patch blocks, pinwheel blocks, setting triangles

Fabric F: 5/8 yard
Peachy pink tone-on-tone print for pinwheel blocks and quilt binding

Batting: Approximately 53” x 66”

Backing: 3-3/4 yards or approximately 53” x 66” cut from wide backing fabric

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