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2013 About.com Quilting Readers' Choice Awards

Vote for Your Favorite Quilt-Related Companies


Cast your votes for favorite quilting companies in About.com Quilting's 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

About Our Readers' Choice Awards

About.com Readers’ Choice Awards give you the opportunity to help showcase the best products and services in the world of quilting.

Voting ended on March 19th, and winners of our Readers' Choice Awards will be announced on March 27.

The prize? Bragging rights that come with getting recognized by readers of one of the most popular networks on the Web, and the option to display a badge, available for winners and finalists.

Best Quilting Fabric

Do you have one or two new or all-time-favorite brands of quilting fabric? Brands that you pay close attention to each season, and are always tops, even when styles change? Vote for your favorite in our 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

Vote for Your Favorite Quilting Fabric

Best Rotary Cutting Tools

© Janet Wickell
It's sometimes difficult to remember when we didn't have rotary cutting tools to help us prep our patchwork for sewing. The once-basic offerings have blossomed into a huge array of rulers, mats and cutting devices designed for every kind of cutting task imaginable.

Vote for Your Favorite Rotary Cutting Tools Maker

Best Online Quilt Shop or Fabric Store

© Janet Wickell
Do you shop at an online quilt shop or fabric store, and does it offer excellent customer service, reasonable prices and fast shipping? Those are a few of the qualities to consider when you vote for one of the finalists in our 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

Vote for Your Favorite Online Quilt Shop or Fabric Store

Best Quilting or Drawing Software for Quilters

Do you use quilting-specific software to design quilts, or a more generic drawing program -- or both? Help other quilters select a program by voting for your favorite.

Vote for Your Favorite Quilting or Drawing Software

Best Quilting Publisher

Photo by Jason Todd Photography / Getty Images
Lots of book publishers focus on quilting books, and for some quilting is a top priority. Do you have a favorite publisher of quilt books? Now's the time to cast your vote.

Vote for Your Favorite Quilting Publisher

Best Sewing Machine Manufacturer

Daughter sewing with mother, about 1955
Photo by Lambert/Getty Images
This is a tough category. We all have a favorite sewing machine manufacturer -- and some of us love two or more brands, depending on the task at hand. One machine maker might be your go-to choice for sewing patchwork, while another is tops for machine quilting.

Vote for Your Favorite Sewing Machine Brand

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